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Mujeres Latinas Project

Image by SAASC Team:

The Mujeres Latinas Project, initiated by the Iowa Women’s Archives in 2005, includes both a digital collection and in-person collection at the University of Iowa Libraries. Incorporating the significant and defining role Latina women play in Iowan history, the Mujeres Latinas Project primarily collected over one hundred oral interviews from 2005 to 2007 with the addition of individual and family papers dating back to the early 1900s of Iowan Latinas. Interviewees contributed their family materials and photographs and the interviews were later transcribed by undergraduate students. The archivists from the Iowa Women’s Archives initiated the Mujeres Latinas Project as part of a larger archival project to represent underrepresented women, including African American women students and Jewish women in Iowa archival projects. From the archives of the Mujeres Latinas Project, the Iowa Women’s Archives created a shared online project in 2016, Migration is Beautiful, to un-silence the silence of Iowan Latinas in the narrative of Iowa’s history.


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